cadillac ct6 car dealership near danville

Cadillac ct6 car dealership near danville. Welcome to, in this article we will discuss about cadillac ct6 car dealership near danville. And the full detail about the cadillac ct6. Before going to the above query we must know about the full detail of cadillac ct6 car. Also we discuss Some other query related cadillac ct6 car.


Specification of Cadillac ct6 car


Fuel- Regular

Engine – 3.6 I V6

Power- 335 hp @6800 rpm (250 kw)

Torque-  284 lb-ft@ 5300 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity- 19.5 gallon

Seating Capacity- 5

Top speed- 200 mph

Price- $611998 (starting)


Cadillac ct6 uses regular (petrol) as fuel.  Cadillac ct6 have 3.6 I V6 engine and it generates 335 hp@6800 rpm power to run the car fast. The Engine produces 284 lb-ft @5300 rpm torque. Cadillac ct6 Car’s fuel tank capacity is 19.5 Gallon and Total seating capacity is 5. The top speed of Cadillac ct6 car is 200 mph. The starting price of Cadillac ct6 is $611,998 (starting).


Features of Cadillac ct6 car


Class- full size luxury

Style- 4 door sedan

Platform- GM Omega platform

Launch year- 2016



Cadillac ct6 car dealership near danville


If you are looking for the Cadillac ct6 car dealership near danville then follow these steps

  • Go to cars . com
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  • If jaguar Cadillac ct6 car available to danville then you will able to get it. If it is not available for danville’’ then only search ‘’ Cadillac ct6’’ and then if you find it from another cities choose the nearest city where it can be available and get this from there.

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