vulnerable road users theory test

vulnerable road users theory test. Most of the vulnerable road users are people. They are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. ,As a driver, you must be careful with them. So let’s have a look at what they need to do when they meet on the road. Mostly, you should slow down when you see these kinds … Read more

book my motorcycle theory test

Where Can I Book My Motorcycle Theory Test. There are 2 practical components in the motorcycle theory test. The initial a part of the test is composed of 20 questions, which are all associated to highway code rules. This can be followed by the observation segment, which feature a video of a number of various … Read more

sign for a compulsory maximum speed limit

sign for a compulsory maximum speed limit. Speed is one of the biggest causes of road deaths. Studies have shown that speed can increase stopping distance, reduce reaction time and dramatically increase chances of death. More children live in rural areas where they are most at risk of being involved in a speed related accident. … Read more

how many seconds gap between cars

how many seconds gap between cars uk – There are some of the main points to be noted while on the way. While driving you need to have a safe distance between you and the vehicles running on the road because when you have to stop suddenly then you can avoid collision with other vehicle. … Read more