Contraflow system

A contraflow system is a system is a traffic lane system that allows the traffic to move. In this article we provide all possible questions that may be comes in the theory test from this chapter.

When you enters to your theory test exam there are a lots of questions that can be asked by exam. this is a confusing topic while you are learning driving. But don’t afraid about that topic because you are comes to our article. We provide all details about contraflow and also provides all question and answer regarding this chapter for your theory test.

We will explain contraflow system through motorway, bus and car lane. Read our complete article to clear your all doubts.

What is contraflow system ?

Contra means against and flow means the the movement of traffic. So contraflow means the system that is where traffic flow is opposite than normal. During roadworks you will find contraflow system but it can be permanent.

Contraflow system in motorway

While you driving you often see contraflow on the motorway. However contraflow systems tend to be used when roadworks are taking place. When one of the carriageway closed, traffic may be direct towards central reservation and another carriageway.

This type of system is used for motorway. While a big repairs and works takes place in the motorway contraflow system is safer to keep drivers to separate on motorway.

What would we expect when we found a contraflow system on motorway

If a temporary contraflow is place in the motorway you would find that type of sign.

Contraflow system

Motorway contraflow sign is a yellow with arrows that indicates you to stay in your lane. The red colour indicates that don’t drive. In the bottom of the sign indicates the maximum speed limit.

In the given image you see that Red cones separating your lane from other vehicles. And in this sign your lane should be narrower than normal lane.

What should you Do when a contraflow system on motorway ?

You must be get into correct lane that directed in road sign. And you should stay in this lane. Try to follow speed limit as per that  system. Don’t try to overtake and don’t cross the cones.

Contraflow cycle lane

The system  system that used for two way cycling on an one way cycling.  In contraflow cycle it allows cyclist to ride both ways in one way road. Cyclist avoids busy main road and reach their Destination quickly.
Contraflow cycle lane

Contraflow Bus lane

Contraflow bus lanes are work like cycle lanes, also the bus lane is flow in opposite direction to traffic. Contraflow bus lane road sign is a blue rectangle with two arrows and a bus.
contraflow system bus lane

Where would you see contraflow bus lane ?

Contraflow bus lane generally see on a one way street, here buses are moves opposite direction of other lanes.

Contraflow system questions on your THEORY TEST ?

There are a lots of questions about contraflow system that might be comes in your theory test. In this article we covered all question and answer about this chapter. The followings are some possible questions.

  • Signs of different contraflow sign
  • What should you do when you are using contraflow system ?
  • What you do when you going through contraflow motorway ?
  • Where you see a contraflow bus lane ?

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