How do I schedule an appointment at the NY DMV?

How do I schedule an appointment at the NY DMV? Before going to the main topic we must know some essential points. Welcome to KASAHELP- Knowledge and skills acquiring Help, we provide all content related to car driving and car maintaince. If you read our complete article with all points believe me you don’t need to go anywhere to search How do I schedule an appointment at the NY DMV? So the followings are some points.


What is New York DMV

DMV stands for Department of motor vehicles. New York state DMV is responsible for Vehicle registration, inspection, driving licence and permit for learner. Also it is responsible for adjucating traffic violation and photo id cards.


New York Drivers License DMV Reservations & Appointments: Booking Guide


The best time to visit DMV is while appointments would be best for reducing waiting time. The New York only allow appointment that to be booked specifically for road tests. Try to visit DMV during the slower period of day to save your time for a basic service.

DMV services closed during at the beginning and end of the day, before and after Holiday and During lunch hours.


The best time for DMV is in the middle of the week, the middle of the month, when the office opens and before the lunch time.


How to Book a Road Test Appointment

You can book DMV test by online or by phone. You can road test online by using this link . Make sure you must book appointments between 3 a.m to 6 a.m. You will choose DMV test date, time and location by clicking the above link.


You can also book DMV by calling (518) 402-2100 and then choose your suitable time, date and location.


The New York provides online DMV services

Not all DMV facilities provided by New York but all basic services are provided on online service. It saves a lots of times of users. The online services includes


Online payments of traffic tickets, various DMV fees,

Renewal process of vehicle registration and driver’s licence

Order  a traffic ticket, copy of a driving copy

Enroll driver’s education and Estimates the fees of registration


What you need to schedule

Some essential ducoments needs to schedule your DMV test. These are

A valid New York state learner permit

An original unexpired pre-Licence MV-278 or a student certificate of completion MV-285

Zip code of the location where you take the test

At least 1 unused test available from when you applied for your licence


Schedule your test Now


You can Schedule or Reschedule or cancel your test by calling 1-518-402-2100. Or by visiting

The test schedule provides the earliest date, time and nearest zip code you provided.


On the Test Day


Be on time

Bring all ducoments

For motorcycle test you need to keep a proper registered and inspected bike and a valid driver’s licence.


After the pass test


After passing the test you will get a valid licence by online and mail. And if you are under 18 you must obey the restrictions for junior driver.

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