How much does it cost to register a car in California from another state?

How much does it cost to register a car in California from another state? If you have asked this question you may migrated from different state to California or you have purchased your car in different state. Before starting the main topic you need to some important points regarding to vehicle registration from different state to California . Welcome to please read the full article to learn complete detail.


How to register an out of state Car in California ?


Getting ready the required documents and inspection.


Check your car’s emission label-


Check your car’s emission label, if your car does not meet the California rule for emission label you may not register your car at California.

If you are a California resident and want to buy car from different state make sure that you must check that car follows or not follows California Government rule. If that car doesn’t follow the rule you can’t register that car and you don’t get money back. For full information you must read California emission law of 1976. How much does it cost to register a car in California from another state?


Evaluate exemptions if your car isn’t California certified.


If your car does not meet the criteria of California certified it will considered 49-state car. California provides some exemptions if you want to register your 49-state car. These exemptions are


If you get this car from divorce and legal settlement you can register your car


If your car registered at California and stolen out of state and to replace it you bought a 49-state car you will able to register it


If you purchased a car  when you were stationed on military duty.


If your car built before 1976, you can also register your vehicle.


You must have the last issued out-of-state registration


That car is yours, to prove this you need to present the last issued out-of-state or registration that from which state that car is came.

Visit and find the list of out-of-state DMV offices and here you can request a copy of registration


If your out-of-state title is lost you need to request a duplicate from the state where you registered before California.

Calculate your Registration fees


You can calculate your registration fees at the official Site of California DMV by clicking this link

After clicking this link click on the non resident vehicles and put your details then calculate


  • You need to certify your car at California smog station

To find out the nearest smog station you need to click this link  and click on find a station.


Complete your registration at DMV


  • Find and visit your local DMV office in California.

To find your local office you need to visit this website Or make an appointment by calling 18007770133


  • Complete the registration form

Fill the required field and complete the application form. You can download this form from official site.


  • Verify your car at DMV

You must carry your out-of-state car to local DMV office to verify car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).


  • Submit your application with certificate of ownership.
  • Show your driving license and insurance
  • Pay the required fees
  • Out the old number plate and put the new number plate.



How much does it cost to register a car in California from another state?


The cost to register a car in California from another state is not fixed for all vehicle. It depends on age and type of vehicle. To calculate your vehicle’s cost you need to go the official site by clicking this link and then calculate fees.







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