How much is a car inspection in Delaware?

How much is a car inspection in Delaware? Welcome to– All answers are here. In this article we will discuss about How much is a car inspection in Delaware? Before going to the main topic ie ‘’How much is a car inspection in Delaware?’’ you need to know about Delaware car inspection. So without wasting time let’s start the article.


What is Delaware Car inspection ?

As you know around many states of U.S required car inspection to secure car and life and Safety. Delaware state is one of them that required car inspection. In our blog kasahelp, we discussed 30 + common questions regarding Delaware car inspection. Don’t worry we link those posts to this post.


What are checked during Delaware car inspection ?

There are many things checked in Delaware car inspection. Some basic things like tires, brakes, windows, exhaust etc..


How much is a car inspection in Delaware?


There is no fees for car inspection in Delaware. But when you register a new car you must pay these fees.

Registration – Cars
Renewals (yearly) $40.00
Late Renewal $20.00
Temporary Tag $20.00
Temporary Permit $20.00
Courtesy Inspection $4.00
Vanity Plate (yearly) $40.00
Handicapped Placard No Charge
Moped $5.00
Motorcycle $15.00
Environmental Specialty Plate (one-time) $50.00
Animal Welfare Specialty Plate (one-time) $50.00
Farmland Preservation Specialty Plate (one-time) $50.00

Table source- Govt of delaware


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