how to remove drip tray from fridge

If you have a basic understanding of how to use your refrigerator, then this guide will be easy for you. If not it might take some time getting used to because there are special tools needed when removing ice-blockages from the drains in refrigerators–and they’re usually hard or impossible come by outside any home improvement stores around town!
Sometimes over months and years these blockages can build up inside one’s fridge due lack knowledge about proper upkeep procedures; however don’t worry too much as long as everything remains unplugged while doing work at least half way through each step mentioned below:
Tools Needed To Remove Drip Tray From A Fridge
Bleaching Solution
Paper Towels/Cleaning Cloth
Steps To Remove Drip Tray From A Fridge
Step 1 – Go Through Your Refrigerator Manual And Find Where The Drip Tray Is Located
For most people, the drip trays are typically in their fridge. Some might have it at rear or front depending on how they designed theirs but if not then look inside to see where these go and remove accordingly! You’ll also want clean away any spilled spirits while doing so since that can be really messy business sometimes- just take your time when taking apart anything metal from delicate areas like electronics with newer models being made more waterproof too which makes them safer overall despite what happens down below .
For others who don’t know about this step yet there’s always a manual somewhere online where manufacturers usually post all literature pertaining including instructions for servicing one’s own appliance should something need fixing right away rather than waiting
Step 2 – Disconnect The Power And Water Supply To Access The Back Panel
For some fridges, it is necessary to pull out the refrigerator in order for you access any interior components. When working on these models and using electricity unsafely could result due water supply being unplugged or leaks happening when not plugged-in properly so don’t forget this important safety tip!
Step 3 – Carefully Unscrew The Fridge Back Panel If Your Drip Tray Is Located In The Rear.
Locate the exact place where hex or screw bolts that hold your refrigerator back panel are located. And this is mostly on top, but you have to be careful as well and watch out for any drip trays’ which might take some time removing them all at once because they could get stuck in there! Once those screws come off it should not be hard from now until pulling apart each part individually instead of trying do too much with one pull like before-hand if possible though since we don’t want these becoming loose while fixing other things around our house
Step 4 – Consider Popping Off The Kick Panel Below Your Refrigerator ( Do This If Your Drip Tray Is In The Front)
To remove the kick panel, first open your fridge doors to access it at top. This will be behind an accordion-style grate that sits flat against both sides of refrigerator; start by popping this off with putty knife or similar tool (slide carefully!). Once one side has popped out enough for you take hold of its tabs on either end and tug firmly upwards until there’s nothing left holding onto those old wires – poof! Set aside in a safe place if possible so as not make any more cleanup work necessary later
First go ahead and open up some space near where all these pesky cables come together inside their compartmentalized area down below…then use what look like prying bars hooked under each individual wire
Step 5 – Carefully Try Pulling On The Drip Panel And See It Come Out From Your Fridge.
Look inside the kick panel and back of your fridge to find an unbelievably small rectangular tray. Hold onto it using both hands, then carefully tilt it out without tilting over too much or else risk breaking something! If you notice that its coming up easily with no problems at all – congratulations-you can take off as much weight from this task by removing just one side first if need be before tugging upwards slightly on either end until they separate enough for removal (or not). Once separated fully apart again leave them lying flat against each other instead so everything stays put while working through cleaning process–wear gloves
Step 6 – Empty Your Drip Tray If It Has Water And Wipe It Using A Bleaching Solution
When you see mold or mildew accumulating on your refrigerator’s drip tray, pour all the remaining water down into a sink drain. Mix warm bleach agent with lukewarm tapwater in a clean spray container and shake until it completely mixes up before spraying onto both sides of where there is an excess build-up to disinfect them away from any food items that might have been sitting near this area for too long!
Step 7 – Scrub And Rinse Your Drip Tray Using Warm Water
To clean a dirty drip tray, start by holding it under warm water and letting the liquid run through its surface. Then scrubbing off any residue with paper towels or sponges before rinsing thoroughly
Scrubbing every part of your dripper will help get rid all built up dirt from within so that you can see cleaner sides once again!
Step 8 – Dry Your Drip Tray And Reinstall It Back
Use a clean paper towel or cleaning cloth to wipe down the refrigerator’s interior. Make sure it is completely dry before reinstalling any of your panels, as liquid will leak from them if they are still wet when you put everything away for storage again
Remember that 30 minutes after wiping off all surfaces with this type material, remove one panel at random and allow its surface area on top so there is no residue left behind inside fridge – then slide back into place!

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