how to use a rotavator

how to use a rotavator. Welcome back to Today we’re going to be showing you how you can cultivate ground with a petrol-powered cultivator.
Now these pieces of machinery
are also known as a soil tiller or a
rotavator. And they’re a really good
bit of kit to save you both time and
effort when cultivating large spaces of open ground.
So I’m going to show you how to safely and effectively use all these to save loads time and to get your beds in perfect condition!
You can also watch this video.
Come on let’s get cracking! Before you get started few words on safety and it’s really important. Because this is a piece of high power equipment. And if you don’t were things like steel toe cap boots or wellies in my case it could easily do yourself a mischief! how to use a rotavator.
Always wear goggles as
well because you have no idea what’s under the soil. So things can get thrown up at you. So I’m wearing a padded gillet some tough jeans steel toe cap wellies goggles. I’ve got some ear defenders and I’ll be wearing gloves so to make sure you’re safe before you start this.
So there are few key features of soil tillers that I’ll walk you through now. So each petrol-powered one will have a fuel tank you need to put some fuel in to get it going. They’ll have an oil reservoir to make sure that all the internal workings of the engine protected when it’s running.
They’ll also be steering wheel down here for when you’re not using the tiller. So this the only function of this is to get it around your garden without scraping these blades or your feet. So when you’re cultivating that needs to be lift it up you’ve got the blades down here. And this models got two different blades on each side which then churn through the soil breaking up the cap or any compaction on the top.
So you may need to do a few
passes dependent on the condition of your soil. But basically these blades do all the hard work rather than you. They’ll also be an on-off switch somewhere that will engage the machine. You’ll have a clutch like this one over here which allows you to and engage the machine to drive forward and start the blades to use a rotavator.
But before that you have this cord here that you pull that. We let’s start with petrol engines that gets everything going and then use your clutch doing it forward. So there’ll also be a depth gauge some where on the machine which sets how deep these cultivating blades dig into the soil.
So this models got three settings I’ve already done one quick pass on the highest and it barely touched. I did the second one down it’s more like a scrape. So I’ve gone to the lowest setting now and see how that goes. It’s all about do multiple passes breaking up slowly but surely you’re not going to break it all up in one hit.
It’s going to take a bit of time but it will save bags of effort. So there we have a kasahelp simple guides to using a petrol-powered cultivator. if you’ve liked this article why not subscribe to our blog where theres plenty more information. thanks for reading.

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