how to use detergent with karcher k2 pressure wash

how to use detergent with karcher k2 pressure wash. Hi I am kasahelp two wheels and I’ll be showing you how to use this little thing. On the Karcher pressure washers this is the sucker the detergent sucker and it’s really easy to use.
Before reading our article please watch above the video.
I haven’t used it for ages because I forgot I didn’t know how this worked. So we have some concentrated automobile shampoo. I didn’t really want to use a concentrated one. But well that’s going have to be three leaves. you just stick this in here and you’re ready to go now how come does this didn’t work.

Let me show you look dawg move Java sigh sigh come on okay thank you. Look look here should come out blue and look here see no sucking. But if you remove this end cap and the pointer or D yeah come on it’s stuck. Okay now it’s out and that was stuck now with only this.
It’ll start sucking look see and it comes out underside brilliant huh. So that’s how this works you just removed the point the tip and use the pressure washer without the tip and then it will start sucking as soon as. You put the tip in it stops brilliant huh.
And it works pretty well too to put this back here haven’t done this on the bike. Because I’m waiting for something to dry out over there on the bike. And so that’s it how to use vce detergent sucker on a car. shock a two in probably on many others that’s it cager out.

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