how to use perfect prep machine

How to use perfect prep machine. Hello everyone it is a review on the
Tommee Tippee day and night perfect prep machine by kasahelp. The reason that I bought this one is because I live in a flat and I heard that the other one the original. It has noise and beat. This one actually does and it does make a noise when the water trucks through.
Watch this video for better understanding
But other than that there’s no beeping. So to prepare a bottle what you do is lift off this lid
at the top and then you pour in water. The machine actually lets you know by pressing the middle button to turn it on. If the water needs topping up so you can see here that the screens gone red. It says fill tank with cold water.

So that’s what I’m doing just topping it up in there you just have to wait for that to drain through the filter before you can do the next step. So once you’re ready it will say select feed size I’ve got it on four ounces. Four ounces is actually the lowest that this machine will go to. Which is a bit annoying in the early days when your baby’s only drinking two ounces it goes up to eight ounces.
how to use perfect prep machine.
So you just do that by selecting the arrows up or down for how much milk you actually want in the early days. When I only needed two ounces I’d make up a four ounce bottle and super weights who will take it away from the baby. Although obviously stop drinking themselves anyway. So you pop your powder into the bottle and it gives you all of the instructions on here anyway.

Then you just place it on the stand and then it will say add in hotshot. What the hotshot does is it’s that the bit that makes it sterile. So if you are making your bottles from scratch this is what the boiling water would do. So this part here coming out of the water is boiling. You can see the steam this bit is a little bit noisy but turn the noise down.
So that you can hear what I’m saying over it once that’s ready it will give you the next step. So add lid and shake so you just press the middle button when that’s done put the lid on and give it a good shake. Then you take the lid off put it back under the machine press the tick to say that that step has been done.
And it will tell you next place the bottle back on the stand. So you tick that in the middle button and then it will say add in cold water. So what the cold water does is that brings it up to the measurement that we want and it. also makes it in a temperature that the baby is able to drink from.

So they’re not going to have the bottle being too hot or anything like that. They do still recommend on the instructions that you check the bottle before you give it to the baby. Just to make sure that the temperature is okay but I’ve found it fun we haven’t had any problems once that’s ready it will say ready to serve.
So you just can tick the middle
button and that’s it and then your
bottle is all prepared and ready to
drink. Like I say they do recommend that you test it on your arm but that is it that’s all done and finished and ready for the baby to drink. how to use perfect prep machine.

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