How will a roof rack affect your car

How will a roof rack affect your car ? Car roof is used for carry Luggage during travel and tour. Also roof rack helps to carry your boxes that can’t fit within your car. Does a roof rack can affect your car ? In this blog we will explain all merits and demerits of a roof rack. Continue to read kasahelp

How will a roof rack affect your car ?

If you are using roof rack, you have to face many problems. Roof rack can make your car slower. It can imbalance your handling and riding stability. It can also results in detours.

Roof rack can makes your car slower

Car becomes slower because a car has a specific weight capacity. If you are using a roof rack then probably use it to carry some things or some weight. So if you add overweight to your car then your car becomes slower. Make sure when use a roof rack it must be light weight. Roof rack add extra air resistance to your car. Extra air resistance decrease your car speed.

Roof rack can affect your handling and riding stability

When adding a roof rack to your car it will increase your car’s height. If you are smart then you must use aerodynamic boxes to your car. Aerodynamic boxes also decrease your car’s performance than without any roof racks on your car. After adding roof rack to your car you will get extra weight and drag so it could cause worse handling experience. When high wind flows in weather your driving experience will worse because of that roof rack.

A roof rack can result in Detours

By adding things to Roof racks can increase your car’s overall weight. Overweight in car causes imbalance while you driving.

The benefits of a roof rack

If you are a traveler and you loves your cycle or bike and you want to carry your bike then you must use a roof rack to carry your bike. Like our blog in google

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