how will a school crossing patrol signal

how will a school crossing patrol signal. School crossing patrol signals can be a useful tool for school crossings. A crosswalk safety device may be utilized by the schools to regulate student pedestrian traffic and the vehicles that travel nearby each school. This is used to allow children to cross through intersections in a safe manner. These three types of school crossing signals are available; School Bells, Stop Arm Flashing Red Light, and Stop Arm Flashing Yellow Light. For more information read our theory test prep section.

The school crossing patrol will signal you to stop by holding up the STOP sign and placing it on the road. It is against the law to drive past a school crossing patrol when they are in position indicating for you to stop. You must wait until they have returned the STOP sign to their side, which indicates it is safe for you to continue your journey.

If you see a school crossing patrol at the side of the road and there are no children on the crossing, please pass with care and watch out for any children who may be coming to cross.

The primary duty of a school crossing patrol is to stop traffic, allowing children to cross the road safely.

This is done by displaying the patrol’s sign, which is a triangular red and white sign made of reflective material.

The patrol will usually stand on the pavement and use their arm outstretched to show the sign.

When he or she has stopped all traffic, they will walk into the road with the sign and stop in the middle of it.

If any vehicles are coming, he or she will stop in the middle of the road and not allow any children to cross until it is safe for them to do so.


A school crossing patrol signal is a special set of traffic signals that are used to stop the normal flow of traffic, so children can cross a busy road safely.

School crossing patrols are stationed at sites with high levels of pedestrian traffic and low visibility for children. They are often placed near schools, but sometimes also outside shops or other places where large numbers of people gather.

They are typically controlled by a school crossing patrol officer, who wears a bright uniform and carries a sign on which is written: “STOP” or “STOP CHILDREN”. The lights will usually flash in sequence, to tell drivers which side of the road they should be looking at.



While it’s hard to imagine why you’d need anything other than a stop sign, there might be some valid reasons. In any case, we’ll leave you with this final thought: don’t think that just because school crossing patrol signals aren’t out there yet, they’re not a good idea. If our research shows anything, it’s that there is plenty of room for innovation in the world of school crossings. So, next time someone hints at the idea of a school crossing patrol signal, you’ll have the information you need to have a thoughtful conversation about whether or not there’s an actual need for them.

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