Infiniti q50 car dealer near Rohnert park

infiniti q50 car dealer near rohnert park. Welcome to kasahelp, we provide all unanswered question’s answer and many more interesting answers that is asked by our user. In this article we will discuss about infiniti q50 car dealer near rohnert park and some other queries related to this query.

infiniti q50 car dealer near rohnert park. Before going to the main topic You must know about some basic things about Infiniti q50 car.

Specification of Infiniti q50 car

Fuel- Petrol

Engine Displacement- 2997 cc

Seating capacity- 5

Power- 400 hp

Total cylinder- 4

Fuel tank capacity- 20 gallon

Top speed- 250 kmph

Price- $42,100

Some other features of Infiniti q50 car

Wireless car play

Heated steering wheel and front seats

Powered front seats

Wired android auto and many more features present in this car

infiniti q50 car dealer near rohnert park

If you are looking for the Infiniti q50 type car dealership near rohnert park

 then follow these steps

  1. Go to cars . com
  2. Sign up/ sign in to cars . com
  3.  Search ‘’  infiniti q50 rohnert park
  4. If Infiniti q50 car available to Rohnert park then you will able to get it. If it is not available for Rohnert park then only search ‘’Infiniti q50’’ and then if you find it from another cities choose the nearest city where it can be available and get this from there.

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