Is there a fee for car inspection in NJ?

Is there a fee for car inspection in NJ? Before enter to the topic we must know about some important points regarding Car inspection. Welcome to our blog we provide all solution related to automobile and vehicle. For latest information please subscribe our blog by allowing our web push notification. So lets discuss some important points regarding Car inspection.


What is Vehicle inspection ?

For Safety reason of driver and passenger Vehicle inspection is required several times. Vehicle Inspection is mandatory in many country by the Government. Usually vehicle inspection conducted in the interval of one year or two years. Vehicle’s Licence is issued or renewed on the basis of the inspection of the vehicle. Once a vehicle passed the inspection a sticker attached to Vehicle’s number plate or in the vehicle’s body. Is there a fee for car inspection in NJ?



Vehicle inspection in New Jersey

Vehicle’s safety and emission test must be conducted in every two years. There is no need to inspect your car for 4 years if your car is brand new.


How Do I Get My Vehicle Inspected?

Vehicles need to inspected in every 2 years in New Jersey ( except new vehicles for first 4 years ). To know your inspection due, check your inspection sticker and find your inspection expiry date.


Make an appointment


You can make appoint in online at


Check waiting time


For some location it does not require an appointment if your location is one of them then check your wait time at online at Or by calling (609) 620-7992


Bring the following Documents


Valid driving license ( at least 17 years old and doesn’t need to vehicle owner)

Valid vehicle registration documents (offline copy)

State of New Jersey insurance id card


Is there a fee for car inspection in NJ?


The answer is yes. But A private inspection Facility cannot charge more than $2.50 as a fee for an approval of sticker. The following table gives the price chart of the initial license application fees and renewal fees.


Initial license application fees
Initial Private Inspection Facility Fee $270
Private Inspection Motorcycle License $25
Two-year Emission Registration Facility $50
Two-year Emission Inspector License* $50


Renewal fees
Private Inspection Facility $250
Private Inspection Motorcycle License $25
Emission Repair Facility $50






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