What are the Motorway reflective studs

Motorway reflective studs are fitted on roads because when you driving at night it reflects light and that will help you to indicate the road curved or not. Also it will help you to identify correct lane in night. Continue with our blog kasahelp.

Motorway reflective is also known as cat’s eye. At night On road these are looks like cat’s eye that are looking at you. There are many different colour having different meaning are found on road. And these are assist you to reach your destination safely.

It could be easy to remember all the reflective studs for your theory test as you don’t have driven before. But don’t underestimate reflective studs and keep practice for your theory test.

There are 5 types of motorway studs colour i.e RED, GREEN, AMBER, WHITE, fluorescent green/YELLOW. Different colour have different meaning and unchangeable at any condition.

Red reflective studs on motorway

Red studs are found at left hand side of motorway in between lane and hard shoulder. This colour indicates that you don’t veer out of the left hand lane into either the side of the motorway if there are no hard shoulder. This studs helps to stay in left lane while you are driving in dark.

green reflective studs on motorway

Where the road is slips either on the road or off road you will find green studs. These green studs means the roads visibility is poor and be aware of these roads. When you see green studs you must carefully drive your car till the traffic joining motorway.

Amber reflective studs on motorway

At the right hand side of motorway you will see amber studs. And you will see amber studs after central reservation. Amber studs are used to keep you right hand and away from central reservation when conditions are too difficult.

White reflective studs on motorway

White studs are placed in the middle of the motorway and that help you to stay in your lane. Also white lane reflects your light at night that you able to see the difference between two lanes.

Fluorescent Green and yellow Studs on motorway

Make sure you must be aware of the differences between Green and Yellow fluorescent studs. The main purpose of green and yellow fluorescent  studs is adjustment of driving during roadworks.

Motorway reflective studs for your Theory test.

Make sure that you remember all reflective studs colour and purpose before attempting your driving theory test. Because most of the questions regarding reflective studs are about colour and purpose. To remember these colours you draw a motorway diagram that contains reflective studs and make short note on it.

Quick Revision of all colour studs

GREEN- slip road
RED- left hand side
AMBER- right hand side
WHITE- Distinguish lane

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