on which occasion may you enter a box junction

on which occasion may you enter a box junction. Don’t be confused by the name. A box junction is a traffic control device that allows for access by emergency vehicles and pedestrians, but not vehicles. It serves as a reminder to motorists that they should not enter a box junction unless necessary. A box junction is also referred to as a measure breaker because it prevents motorists from following another vehicle into a line of traffic that extends across an intersection. When approaching a box junction, you must follow the instructions in place. Failure to do so could result in a collision with another vehicle or one of the devices at the centre of this traffic control device. Read our complete blog.


When you can enter a box junction*

You must not enter a box junction unless your exit is clear. This applies whether you are turning right or left, or going straight ahead.

You should watch out for pedestrians crossing within the box junction. If they have started to cross they have priority, so you should give way

If you’re driving a long vehicle, you can enter the box and wait when you want to turn right if you’re in a one-way street and would otherwise have to cross oncoming traffic. You must not do this in exceptional circumstances, eg heavy traffic.


You may enter a box junction when you are turning right, and there is no traffic waiting to go straight ahead or turn left.

The only time you may enter the box and wait is when you want to turn right, and are prevented from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right. You must exit the box as soon as the road is clear.


As you can see, having a good grasp of the Highway Code can help you avoid getting a fine. The Highway Code tells you who has priority in different traffic scenarios, and that’s important because otherwise it’s actually legal to enter a box junction if there are no other cars around. on which occasion may you enter a box junction.

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