pass either side to get to the same destination

pass either side to get to the same destination. I would like to talk about my recent trial experience with a leading 10k business, who happens to be of the BIG corporate giants you can find in the internet. See, I spent a trial period of three months with them and in that small time frame I assumed a lot about this 10k business and its goals for the future. I mean after all, we all read books on how to build extensive empires, but there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and doing it yourself. Which is exactly what I did but along the way learnt something really important: pass either side to get to the same destination?

The choice of passing to the left or right will affect how you travel down the road.

You have to be flexible and open-minded to pass either side, other people on the road have their own ideas of how they want to drive.

You should be considerate of other drivers, don’t drive like a jerk.

Be respectful and communicate with others on your path.

It doesn’t matter which side you choose, as long as you are considerate of others.


Sometimes, you’ll come to a fork in the road where both sides have a different path leading to the same destination. You can take either side and get there just fine.

Other times, you’ll come to a fork in the road where one side has no path at all and the other has a path going straight ahead and one going off on a tangent. If you go on the tangent, you’ll get somewhere that might be interesting, but it’s not your destination. If you stay straight ahead on the main path, it will lead right to your destination.

So, which path do you follow?

You obviously want to choose paths that will lead you to your desired destination. But how can you know which ones are right?


My friend and I were discussing how you can travel either to the left or the right of a door to get to the other side of it. And then we got into a big fight about whether we could travel both ways at once: through the left wall, and through the right wall.


We need to start thinking of one-way streets on another level that doesn’t involve driving. One way streets can be utilized as a direct passage from one location to the next. In some places in the world, people appreciate clarity and directness and they put it into practice without talking about it.

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