Rumble device

A rumble device is a device that provides a visual .vibratory and audible effects to alert drivers to be aware the speed of their vehicle. To get complete information about theory test exam stay with kasahelp theory test prep


What to do when you see, hear or feel rumble device ?


When you see , hear or feel rumble device try to slow down your vehicle safely. Don’t brake suddenly, when you feel rumble device try to check mirrors and hold your steering properly. Then try to slow down your vehicle as indicated by rumble strips.


Rumble strips


As we discuss about rumble device are designed to be hear, see and feel that warns drivers of an impending hazard. Rumble strips are generally used in sharp bends and junctions. That may indicate the beginning a set of traffic calming measures when used with gateways.


Rumble strips are used in groups. Every groups consists of between 2 and 5 rumble strips, however the spacing between groups may vary according to the hazard.


Some theory test questions related to Rumble Device


What’s a rumble device designed to do ?


Answer: Rumble device is an audible , visible and can be felt that gives warning to drivers when there is an impending hazard.


What is a rumble road ?


Rumble strips are the road safety feature to alert the drivers by vibration, audible and seeing feature.


What do rumble strips warn a driver of ?


Rumble strips are alert drivers by vibration and noise to reduce accident.


Do rumble strips save lives ?


Yes, as per a recent study it shows that rumble strips can reduce the accidents.


Can rumble strips damage your car ?


Yes, Rumble strips can damage your vehicle’s tires and suspension.


Who created rumble strips ?


AF Lighting invent the rumble strips.


Are rumble strips loud ?


Yes rumble strips produce a little loud.


Where are rumble strips located ?


They are found just beyond the white line of the roadway.

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