sign for a compulsory maximum speed limit

sign for a compulsory maximum speed limit. Speed is one of the biggest causes of road deaths. Studies have shown that speed can increase stopping distance, reduce reaction time and dramatically increase chances of death. More children live in rural areas where they are most at risk of being involved in a speed related accident. A petition was launched by IAM Road Smart to get a compulsory maximum speed limit on single carriageway A roads. After picking up signatures over many months, it reached 10,000 signatures allowing it to be considered for a debate on the floor of the House of Commons. The petition proved to be successful and was discussed on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday 11th March 2018 after being granted a debate by the Petitions Committee.

The sign for a compulsory maximum speed limit is a circular sign which consists of a red border and a red diagonal line crossing a white background. The unifying feature of all versions of this sign is that they include the words “MAXIMUM SPEED” and “LIMIT” (in red on white) in the upper part separated by a red circle. The bottom part of the sign displays the speed limit in black on a white background.


Attention drivers!

In an effort to keep our roads safe and make sure that you’re able to enjoy them as much as possible, we’ve set the maximum speed limit on all of our roadways at 65 mph. So enjoy a leisurely drive through the countryside—but remember to stay under your limit and keep an eye out for pedestrians and bicycles!


Since most of the drivers on the road go above the speed limit anyway, having a compulsory maximum speed limit would force them to drive at a speed they are happy with and might actually be safer on the roads.

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