what does 25 mean on this motorway sign

You’ve probably seen these signs on your travels, but never really knew what they meant. So here’s the answer to: What does 25 mean on this motorway sign?

It indicates that the maximum speed on this section of road is 25mph.

The same 25 in a red circle on a white background means no entry.

This is a new road sign, the old ones have “MPH” written after the number.


There are a lot of signs on the motorway, and it can be easy to get confused about what they all mean. The number on a sign indicates the speed limit for that particular area of the motorway.

The sign in question is blue, which means that it’s an informational sign, as opposed to a brown road sign (directional) or a red and white sign (regulatory).

So, if you’re on a segment of highway with this particular sign up, you are legally bound to drive no faster than 25 miles per hour.


In short, 25 means keep to a speed of 25 mph as indicated on the sign. Although this is one of the most straightforward examples we found, it’s also one of the most important. It’s easy to imagine accidents and other incidents taking place at higher speeds on this particular stretch of motorway. But if people know what 25 means on a motorway sign, they’ll know how fast they can drive safely and legally through this particular area of road.

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