What is included in servicing a car?

What is included in servicing a car?

What is car servicing ?


A car servicing is the procedure of maintenance of the vehicle after travelling a certain distance. At the time of car servicing mechanic checks the parts of vehicle, if he found defect on parts he replace this by new one. Mechanic maintain car for better performance. There are 3 types of tasks performed in a car servicing.

  • Inspection- Mechanic first inspect the parts. If he found any defect part he repair it.
  • Replacement- If any part of vehicle has perform failure and it can’t be repaired then Mechanic replace that part by new one.
  • Adjustments- Vehicle’s parts need adjustment after certain time. What is included in servicing a car?



Types of car servicing


There are 3 types of car servicing these are Basic car servicing, Full car servicing and Major car servicing. Lets discuss about all types of servicing.


  • Basic car servicing

Changing the engine oil, checking all fluid level, engine coolant and power steering level, filter change are included in basic car servicing.

  • Full car servicing

A full car servicing included up to 50 components. Some of them are

Engine oil and filter replacement,

Checking tyres, lights, exhaust, brakes, steering, cooling system, suspension, battery condition, hydraulic fluid, steering alignment etc…

  • Major car servicing

Including full car servicing a major car servicing consists of changing spark plugs, fuel filter and some other items suggested by manufacturer’s guidelines. It is recommended every 24 months or every 24000 miles. This service also known as Master servicing. What is included in servicing a car?


How much does a full car service cost?


The cost of car servicing depends upon country and service provider. The average cost of car servicing in united states is less than $100 per year.


Why you should serviced your car ?


You should get serviced your car for the following reasons

  • Spend less now and save more money later

Some minor issues can be solved early with low costs but when these minor issues becomes major issues later costs more. So car servicing can prevent minor issues in early stage that they do not become major issues.


  • Increase your milage and save money on fuel

A healthy car consume less fuel then a defected car. Healthy car save fuel and save your money.


  • Increase car’s lifespan

If your car get serviced Regular basis then your car’s lifespan will increase.


  • Sell your car at high price

If you want to sell your car then an well serviced history of your car can help you to sell your car at high price.





Like our fitness, car servicing is essential for your car. Car servicing takes about 1.5 hours to 3 hours. While your car servicing processing go to the nearest restaurant order coffee or lunch and enjoy it. What is included in servicing a car?

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