What is Mega million ? The complete information of Mega million

Mega million is an American Lottery game. Mega Millions is also known as The Big Game. The first Mega Million was drawn in 2002. The Drawing time of Mega Millions at 11 p.m on Tuesday and Friday. Total 12 original Lotteries are present on this game. The Drawing of Mega million is at WSB-Tv studio in Atlanta.

Is Mega Millions in all 50 states ?

You may play mega millions from 45 states and districts of Columbia and virgin island.


What states have mega millions ?

Except Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah states you can play mega millions in any other states


Can a non US citizen play and win Mega millions ?

Yes, a non us residents can play and win the mega millions. But the condition that, he or she must buy the tickets from us and the winning amount must be claimed in US.


Has any foreigner won the powerball ?

Yes, El Salvador pensioner won $1 million money from Powerball


Who wons Powerball and Mega millions ?

TMSLA ( The Multi-State Lottery Association) wons the powerball and Mega Millions. TMSLA is a non profit government benefit association


What happens if I win the lottery in another country ?

You must follow your country’s tax rule and us tax rule for lottery


What happens if a Canadian wins a US lottery ?

According to us-Canada treaty you don’t need to pay tax in Canada because in lottery winning money can’t be taxable in Canada


Can you play US lottery in UK ?

Yes, by online many sites provides features to play powerball and mega millions

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