What is pre purchase car inspection

What is pre purchase car inspection. Welcome to kasahelp.org- all answers are here, in this article we will discuss about ‘’ what is pre purchase car inspection ?’’ As we knows pre purchased means inspect the car before buying an old or used car from the owner. Please read our complete article to know full details of pre purchase car inspection.


What is pre purchase car inspection

When you buy a used car, you want to make sure you don’t end up with something that will leave you stranded on the side of the road or cost you a lot of money in repairs. An inspection before purchase can help reveal problems with the car so you aren’t stuck with something that isn’t worth what you paid for it.

The pre-purchase car inspection is designed to identify potential issues before finalizing your purchase. The inspection should not only reveal concerning mechanical problems but also highlight any aesthetic issues, such as body damage or interior stains.

Inspecting a car before buying it ensures that the vehicle meets your standards and expectations. This is especially true when buying from an individual seller rather than a dealer who has more incentive to sell their vehicle honestly.

A pre-purchase inspection costs around $100 to $200 and can be performed by any mechanic, although if you have one you trust, it might be best to go there instead.


What are checked during car inspection ?


There are many things that checked during pre purchase car inspection, the followings lists of items are included in pre purchase car inspection.


  • Scratches on the body

Scratches on the body shows that the car how many times damaged, so before buying an old car and at the time of pre purchasing you must includes check of scratches on car’s body.

  • Electronics items

Includes electronic items such as Music system, power windows etc in your pre purchasing car inspection. This step saves your money to repair on these items after buying.


  • Battery

Battery is an essential part of a car, make sure inspect the battery in pre purchasing car inspection.


  • Bad sound

When you go to test drive, check the unwanted or bad sound of that car, because if you didn’t catch that fault before buying the car you may cost it higher after buying that car.


  • Engine

Engine is the main part of car, make sure you must check that engine before buying an old car.

  • Brakes


Brakes are also important things of car so try to check brakes before buying an old car.

  • Tyres

If you didn’t notice or inspect tyres before purchasing old car you may cost it higher to buy new tyres. So inspect tyres before buying an old car.

  • Running kilometers

Check the running kilometers of that car before buying to clarify that actually how many kilometers that car ran.


  • Maintenance history

A car’s maintenance history shows its condition, so includes it in your pre purchasing car inspection.


  • Documents

Legal documents are the most essential things to clarify the real owner. When you buy an old car you must inspect the legal documents before buying.


  • Dashboard

Car’s dashboard is also the main part because the full control and full details like battery charge, fuel indicator etc are shown here. So check the Dashboard before buying an old car.


  • Fluids

Check all fluids level like brake fluid, power steering fluid etc before buying an old car.


  • Transmission

Check transmission before buying an old car.


  • Exhaust

Exhaust is also important part of car. Check exhaust on pre purchasing car inspection.


  • Lights

Pre purchasing car inspection contains light test like headlight, brake light, turn lights and hazard lights.


  • Air conditioning and heater

Make sure check the AC and Heater of car before buying that car.


What is pre purchase car inspection. So guys in this article we have discussed what is pre purchasing car inspection and what are included in pre purchasing car inspection. We hope our team explained well. If you have any query related to this article please contact us, we reply under 24 hours. Thanks for reading kasahelp’s article

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