What makes your tyres illegal ?

What makes your tyres illegal ? You feel fine while using car in a sunny day but you may drive using illegal tyres. When you’re driving you must be know how to check your vehicle’s tyre for safety and legality. Please read our full article on kasahelp theory test prep


So what are the condition that make your tyres illegal ?


  • Low Tread Depth

People faces the most common problem that their tyres is letting the tread depth get too low. 1.6 mm is the minimum legal tread depth of the central 3 quarters of face and whole circumference. The tread pattern is developed to channel  small debris and water away from tyre. And that maintain the grip in road. When the tyre have too low tread it can’t be channel water and debris away from tyre. Therefore it doesn’t able to contact with road. As per some experts recommendation is change your tyre when it’s depth around 3 mm.


  • Excessive Tyre Wear or Sidewall Damage


When you’re driving in wet weather you must check your Tyre tread depth. Because it is also important to sake of the stability of the tyre. Excess wear could cause to weak spots in tyre which cause tyre blowouts. When you are driving at higher speed it can lead to accident. To avoid damage you need to check your tyre regularly.


  • Mixing Tyre Ply

All tyres are made up of different types of rubber for elasticity and strength. But most of the rubber can’t withstand the internal pressure to hold up the car. Tyre manufacturers mould the rubber around a layered lattice of cord to stand up these forces. That cord works as a flexible material to hold the rubber together. The cord grid is overlaid is called tyre’s ply. Mixing different plys in your vehicle is illegal in uk.


  • Under or over inflated Tyres


The most common problem of driver is under-inflated tyre, but when you caught by officers with under-inflated tyres you have to pay a serious fine. Also you have to pay same fine with over-inflated tyres. Under-inflated tyres grip the road much more intended and less responsive to change the direction. Over-inflated tyres are leads to skidding and blowouts. If you like this article follow our google news publication.


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