what will reduce fuel consumption

what will reduce fuel consumption. Every engine needs fuel to run, and some easy and simple tricks are saves more fuel of your engine. Want to reduce fuel consumption ? Read our complete article on kasahelp to know all fuel saving tricks. Here you can try top 10 tips to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

7 tips to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Engine must needs fuel to run but there are some little changes that can reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption. You must try these 7 tips to save your fuel.

1-    Keep your vehicle’s tires pumped up.

Tires that are not pumped up have highest rolling resistance on road. Higher rolling resistance means higher friction and higher energy production. And higher friction will increases the fuel consumption. If every tires of your vehicle underinflated by 10 psi then it will save 10% of your fuel.

2-    Lose extra weight on your vehicle’s boot

Some people keep unwanted things in their boot. Use your vehicle’s boot when emergency condition or when needs, because if you are add extra 50 kg to your boot it will increases 2% fuel consumption of your vehicle.

3-    Use ac while driving

When you driving your car above 80 km/hr and put your car’s glass down causes high wind resistance. Wind resistance increases fuel consumption. In that case try to turn on your air conditioner.

4-    Don’t go too slow or too fast

When your car became overspeed on highway your engine works hard due to wind resistance. This will causes high fuel consumption. When your car runs at the speed of 100 km/hr it will consume 15% more than normal speed and when car runs at 110 km/hr it will consume 25% more than normal speed.
When your car became too slow it will also consume more fuel. When your car runs slower than 50 km/hr it will take lower gear than top gear, lower gear consume more fuel. So try to run your car between 50 km/hr to 90 km/hr to save your fuel.

5-    Avoid braking aggressively

Aggressively braking increases fuel consumption. When you brakes suddenly you needs to accelerate again after braking. Accelerating consume fuel so try to avoid aggressively braking.

6-    Try to run your car at top gear

Lower gear will consume more fuel and top gear consume less fuel. When you drive your car at top gear your engine go through less RPM (Revolution per minute) and less RPM reduce your fuel consumption.

7-    Turn off your engine when you stay more than one minute

Yes turn off your car engine when you stay more than one minute because it will consume fuel wheather you don’t moves but your engine is on.

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