what’s the nearest you can park to a junction

One of the most common questions asked by drivers is: what’s the nearest you can park to a junction? It’s quite simple, all you need to do is look at a map and work out which junction is the closest. Remember that roads that have ‘lanes’ often have junctions between the lanes.

You can park up to 10 metres (32 feet) away from the nearest side of a road junction (unless signs say otherwise).

This applies to the nearest side of a junction of two or more roads whether or not one or more of the roads joining at the junction is a controlled parking zone.

If you’re driving a goods vehicle over 7.5 tonnes maximum laden weight, you must not park within 15 metres (49 feet) of the junction.


Hey there! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you and your question about parking near a junction. We just wanted to make sure we were giving you the best possible answer.

We’ve been asking around the office, and it looks like the closest we can park to a junction is 10 meters. As long as you’re not blocking drivers’ line of vision when they’re coming around the corner and exiting onto the main road, you should be okay.


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10 meters or 32 feet


I’m quite a big fan of saving money, and I live in a city where parking is often a premium, so I’ve developed a simple technique for parking efficiently. To put it into practice, all I need to know is what city I’m in, and how far from the junction/roundabout I am (the information on signs can be ambiguous). Then, google maps will tell me how many meters to go and how far away my destination will be.

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